December 20, 2021 New release 1.6

 VISULT version 1.6 provides you a number of operational upgrades

1 – Subscription and notification management

You will be notified about a range of events.

2 – Management of comments on cards

When a card is modified by an authorized person, VISULT will enable you to specify the reason for this modification.

  3 – Feedback management

Thanking, congratulating or suggesting an improvement allows everyone to position themselves in relation to their actions.

All this is now possible in VISULT with new and fun features enabling you to follow-up on all exchanges with your employees, managers and peers.

1 – Subscriptions and notifications management

With management by objective, it can be useful to follow the progress of an activity. Whether it is an objective or a challenge proposed by a colleague, you just have to select the card of your choice and open it.

Then click on “Subscriber”.

From now on, you will receive a notification in your notification center each time the card is updated.

2 – Management of comments on cards

Whether you have subscribed to a card or not, as soon as you have the right to see it, it is possible to visualize the evolution and the life of the card by a simple click.

Ex : This card has 2 comments

How to read the timeline: click on the icon

3 – Feedback management

Giving feedback to an employee in VISULT can be done at 3 levels

a.           Like: you can simply send a like to a person to let them know you are pleased with their contribution.

b.           Feedback: the principle of feedback is to express your opinion on a situation or a past action

c.           Feed-forward: This is the most advanced version of feedback and the least focused on the past action. It allows you to propose or recommend actions for the next time.

All three types of actions are possible and VISULT offers you the possibility of mixing the feedback type and the recipients.

Philosophy:  feedback works at 360°. Anyone can send feedback to another person or team and vice versa.

Possible choices:

Give feedback to a person in general, regardless of a specific action

Give feedback to a person on a specific card (objective, challenge …)

– Give feedback to a team

– Give feedback to an objective holder and his contributors

Note: all feedbacks from a manager to his employee are strictly private

Sending feedback to one or several persons

It is possible to send feedback directly to your manager, to your team or to people and teams of your choice

Sending feedback to a person

In the team tab, select a colleague and click on “Send feedback”.

You can see how many feedback you sent to this person and if they have been read.

The employee can of course send feedback as well in return.

The Timeline

All messages are traced through time and allow you to follow the flow of a discussion.

You can filter and sort all your timeline

Activity report

In order to limit the number of emails you receive, you have the possibility to opt for the activity report.

In your settings (see associated video) you can choose the activity report and define its frequency.

November 4 – 2021 : New release 1.5

Release 1.5 brings two types of features

Technical contributions: it is now possible to connect without having to enter your password (Single Sign On).

The old single sign-on system (login and password) still works if you want to use this mode.

You can also use the Microsoft authentication system and the security elements associated with it (password, Windows Hello, Microsoft Authenticator, double approval by SMS, …)

Note that this is a login method that will work even if you lose your Visult password and that once logged in you can change the password in your profile.

The two environments for which VISULT has obtained certification are GOOGLE and MICROSOFT.

Functional features: In this version, the focus is on dashboards.

It is now possible to create your own dashboards (as many as you need) and define the destination of each one.

E.g.: Reporting for team meetings, Reporting for specific project follow-up, Reporting for the Executive Committee etc.

VISULT comes standard with 2 default reporting tables:

A first table that shows you the progress of your strategies, your individual objectives and the challenges you are working on.

A second table that displays what’s new in VISULT for each release as well as access to the video library for training in VISULT.

Creation of customized tables:

With just a few clicks, you can now integrate a set of information into a table, allowing you to organize a complete presentation integrating elements from various sources.

  • Vidéos (youtube, dailymotion, Viméo)
  • Youtube Play List
  • Links to blogs
  • Images
  • Presentations and documents stored on Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive
  • Highlighting of specific cards (Challenge, Objective, Strategy…)
  • Software pages (iframe)

Example of a customized report: