Logiciel OKR intégré dans Slack

Slack integrates VISULT to enable organisations to develop their productivity, directly in their real-time messaging software. In this way, VISULT makes Slack a true support for management performance.

Without even leaving Slack, VISULT allows you to integrate goal-based management into your daily workflows, and to manage your OKRs directly in the messaging system. Thanks to notifications and goal updates, employees are informed in real time and in full transparency of their progress. Feedback can be sent after each action to assess progress and identify areas for improvement.

Why integrate OKRs into your daily workflows with Slack?

The OKR method is a simple approach that creates commitment around measurable and ambitious objectives. OKRs develop employee commitment, generate collaboration, facilitate the alignment of everyone’s actions with the company strategy and accelerate the organisation’s performance.

The integration of VISULT into Slack allows each employee to be aligned with the objectives of his or her team, and teams to be aligned with each other, eliminating silo issues.

Key features of VISULT in Slack :

Objectives creation
OKR creation
Real-time notifications and updates
Team management
Sending feedback
Invitation of new users