OKR, an essential performance booster!!

Individual or collective objectives are essential to performance. That’s why it is particularly important to set them, follow them and measure their progress. Whether on Excel, in a “to do” list, or with a specific tool, leaders are adopting the OKR approach, a key to performance and engagement.  Visult is THE right too to set […]

Feedback : How to give good feedback and how turn it into an efficient management tool

Feedback has become a key element for today’s managers.  This short guide will help you develop this practice and understand its nuances. In this article, we will discuss the following points: 1. Feedback benefits 2. Mistakes to avoid 3. feedback techniques 4. Why is it difficult to deploy feedback in companies? Feedback’s immediate benefits Feedback […]

"LESS IS MORE": Your OKR goals for better results

The OKR (Objective / Key Result) method, which you can discover by clicking here if it is not familiar to you, is now popular with managers. However, the secret when setting OKR goals is not to overshed! Why do I need to set fewer OKR goals? Working over too long a period of time is difficult […]

All about Management by Objective

Today, commitment to work has never been lower. Loss of motivation, global vision, and interest of his daily work for employees. It is in the interest of companies to remedy this, in order to ensure development, by achieving their objectives. An employee who is committed and aligned with the vision of his company will be […]

The white page syndrome, or how to write your goals

Every year it's the same thing: you have to rewrite your roadmap, write everyone's goals and take the time to explain and validate them.

Is disengagement inevitable?