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VISULT is a collaborative performance management platform that improves your leadership practices and HR processes.

  • Thanks to VISULT, leaders, HR departments and employees are aligned with the company’s strategy. Everybody gets involved and contributes to the company’s performance : “aligned, engaged, efficient”.

  • VISULT enables more effective strategy execution and drives performance culture. 

aligned engaged efficient

Interesting observations!


of employees don’t understand the strategy of their company.


of employees are not commited.


The average time in a job has been halved in 10 years.

VISULT collaborative performance management platform.

VISULT  improves business performance while enhancing employee engagement 

VISULT Performance, logiciel OKR

OKR collaborative platform for individual and collective performance, promoting execution, focus on value-added tasks, engagement and 360° feedback, for increased business performance.

VISULT Performance, logiciel OKR

Collaborative HR platform for objectives, evaluation, interviews, promoting engagement through 360° feedback, skills development and training.

Les bénéfices de VISULT



  • Share your vision and strategy
  • Set a direction with OKRs
  • Drive executive and operational committees
  • Drive HR processes
  • Motivate through challenges and contributions
  • Create a feedback culture
  • Listen to your employees through HR surveys
  • Develop your eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score).
  • Become a manager coach
  • Develop ongoing dialogue with your teams
  • Identify training needs
  • Support your employees with skills development plans
  • Drive Accountability
  • Digitize your HR processes
  • Improve the performance of your organization

Performance management - équipe


Support from experts in  performance management, for optimal results

Our experts in performance management, OKR certified, will advise and support you throughout your project.


We analyze your needs to help you structure your project and propose an adapted solution,


We provide support along the project to ensure an optimal return on investment.

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August 15 2022 : Release 2.0 This release is the official release of the HR part of VISULT VISULT HR helps you develop your employees' skills, set objectives and manage appraisals, surveys and training needs of your employees. Ergonomic…

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Every year it's the same thing: you have to rewrite your roadmap, write everyone's goals and take the time to explain and validate them.

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